Spyckerscher See and Mittelsee Nature Reserve

54.5589213.49087Koordinaten: 54 ° 33 '32 "N, 13 ° 29' 27" E

The nature reserve Spyckerscher lake and mid-lake is a nature reserve in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It includes the two above-mentioned lakes and adjacent shore and shallow water areas an area of ​​344 hectares. The expulsion took place on November 5, 1990 with an extension in 1994. Nearby Cities are Glowe in the northwest and Spyker in the east. The protective purpose is to obtain a very scenic detail of the North Rügen Bodden landscape, which is a habitat for many animal and plant species.

The areas directly adjoin the Great Jasmund.

The conservation area is protected under EU law as part of the FFH area Nordrügensche Bodden landscape and bird sanctuary inland lagoon of Rügen

The nature reserve has a good condition due to the set uses. Disturbances proceed from anglers and surfers. The areas are environmental protection and nature conservation in the country owned by the Foundation.

Passes through the area, a hiking trail.


The areas of the nature reserve were significantly shaped by the last ice age. They were among the bays to the Ausschürfungen, today form the Great Jasmund. In the following millennia, the bays were more and more cut off from coastal compensation processes from Bodden, so that the two lakes formed. They are still connected to the Bodden on narrow tributaries. The lakes silted up with a wide reed belts. In Urmesstischblatt of 1836, the shallow water areas are shown as fords. From 1861 onwards, a polder was created to make the shore areas as pastures to the 1940s available in the region of the central lake. The ground moraine in the northwest were used by the military in the mid-20th century and greatly changed. After abandonment in the 1950s, large sea buckthorn stocks have formed there.

Plant and animal world

In the nature reserve numerous habitats are found. The habitat ranges from pioneer vegetation and semi-arid grassland with development of heat-loving bushes on the one hand and sand Magerrasen close to the ground the other, on abandoned salt marshes and various reed beds and alder swamps up to the shallow waters of the two lakes and the adjacent lagoon area.

As a highly protected, endangered and rare as for complaints kingfisher species, adder, grass snake, Thrush, Barred Warbler, Frog, Fringed Pink, dyers Forcella, Bromus erectus, common sickle carrot should be mentioned. In the area hunting buzzard, red kite, marsh harrier and osprey and snap different species of geese and cranes.

The lakes are important spawning grounds for perch, rudd, tench, pike and lead. Furthermore, they are habitat for eel, flounder and ruffe.