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Spydeberg is a Norwegian municipality in inner Østfold. It is bordered on the west by Hobøl, on the north by Enebakk, on the northeast by Trøgstad, to the east by Askim and on the south by Skiptvet and Våler. The highest point is Spydeberg varde, 258 m above sea level. NN.


In the council sit 21 MPs from the following parties: Sp 5, Frp 4, Høyre 3, Ap 3, SV 3, KrF 2 above Venstre first winner of the last election were SV and Frp. Both parties were able to increase the number of their representatives, although the Council was reduced from 25 to 21 members.


Spydeberg hosts the Hyllifestivals. In Spydeberg there is a new cultural center, a general purpose house, in addition to handball fields also home to a large school and cultural part. In Mary Holm is the Catholic conference center of Norway.

Millennium site

The so-called millennium place, that is, the most striking monument of the Commune, the Nespark, former Heuerhof Nes below Sondre Grini. The Nespark was inaugurated on 31 December 1999. On 17 May 2000, a monument was unveiled with a spear, which was created by Jens Bøhler based on an idea of his son Øystein. It's the same motif of a spearhead, as in the municipality coat of arms.

Hylligrava is about 4000 years old, built of large flat slabs of stone grave box.

Sons and daughters of the municipality