Spyker [ spɛi̯ kəʁ ː ] was an automobile manufacturer in the Netherlands, was founded in 1880 as a carriage builder and 1926 dissolved.

The best-known vehicle of this manufacturer is the Golden Carriage, with the moves the Queen of the Netherlands every year for the opening of Parliament, a gift from citizens to Wilhelmina to her enthronement in 1898.


The originating from Hilversum brothers, blacksmiths and coach builders Jacobus and Hendrik -Jan Spijker established in Amsterdam a company specializing in exclusive cars manufactured under the name Spijker. With focus on the major international markets of the family name was Spijker ( German: Nail ) soon changed to trading name Spyker (see also IJ ). After initially drove automobiles from Carl Benz under the name Spyker -Benz, was established in 1900 with the Spyker 5 HP the first true self-production of the house.

In the winter of 1903/1904 was the Spyker 60 HP, which was originally part in the race from Paris to Madrid in 1903, the first six-cylinder engine and the first car presented with a petrol engine and all-wheel drive at all.

1907 Charles Goddard finished the race with a Spyker Peking - Paris successful.

During the First World War, the business with luxury cars collapsed completely, and Spyker was combined with an aircraft manufacturer. Between 1914 and 1918 almost 100 aircraft for aerial combat and 200 aircraft engines of the brand Spyker were produced. After the war soon resumed production of automobiles. With the model Spyker C4, which was equipped with a six-cylinder Maybach and " Tenax " was called, Hugo Baron van Pallandt won the 1922 trail running on the Mont de la Turbie near Monte Carlo. Despite all the racing success and an outstanding reputation ( the C4 one called, for example in the UK like a " Rolls- Royce of the continent " ) was founded in 1925 the car production ceased for lack of orders and resolved on 26 May 1926, the company entirely by auction. Until then, they had built about 1,500 cars and more than 100 patents stand on their behalf.

1999 acquired two Dutch businessmen the Spyker brand and founded the new company Spyker Cars to produce sports cars.