Squarepusher the stage name of the British musician and bassist Thomas Jenkinson 's ( born January 17, 1975 in Chelmsford, Essex, UK ), who is mainly known for his drill 'n' bass music. In addition, Jenkinson recordings released under the name of Chaos AD, Alroy Road Tracks, Duke Of Harringay and T Maxx.


Jenkinson is a producer of electronic music that counts roughly to the genre of IDM and electronica, sometimes jazz and acid techno. His musical development was heavily influenced by jazz. He is a virtuoso bassist, also plays drums and a variety of other musical instruments. The jazz influence can clearly be heard on most of his recordings. He stands at Warp Records. He was discovered by Aphex Twin, who first took him to his label Rephlex Records. Both have a close friendship. He received his music in the scene wide acclaim and became one of the most famous representatives of the alternative electronic music.

The main influences of Jenkinson's style are Acid Techno, Jazz, IDM and drum and bass. There are many pieces of chopped, often very rapid beats in combination with jazzy bass and synthesizer lines. His style was sometimes referred to in the media as a drill 'n' bass, a term that was invented for the music on some plates of Aphex Twin. His most influential albums are "Hard Normal Daddy" ( 1997) and " Go Plastic " (2001). As the biggest commercial success of the album " My Red Hot Car " reached extracted from " Go Plastic " In 2001 the number 20 on the British charts. While he developed a relatively strongly influenced by jazz variety of his style on the former, " Go Plastic " was a very homogeneous sounding, purely synthetic work with technoid sound. On other LPs shuttled between his music Acid Techno and drill 'n' bass. On the CD " Music Is Rotted One Note " it is based, however, especially in the jazz-rock of the early 70s, making this only little use of electronic effects and sound producers, but is largely conventional instruments such as drums and bass, which he plays all the self-. On his album "Hello Everything" can be heard catchy melodies and partly reminiscent of Kraftwerk synthesizer sounds, the beats are kept simple and subtle. In contrast to the usual electronic pop music but also appear more complex musical techniques such as key modulations (example: title "Rotate Electrolyte "). Exceptional is also atypical for electronic music use acoustic guitar. This experimental and eclectic approach has evolved over the years into a stylistic device of Squarepushers music. In the published in 2008 CD "Just A Souvenir" can be heard even influences from the metal.

In live performances Squarepusher plays fretless bass guitar and on his laptop. On March 16, 2004, he joined the show Breezeblock on BBC Radio 1.

Jenkinson's brother Andy Jenkinson produced under the pseudonym Ceephax Acid Crew also music.



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