Squeak Piggy Squeak

Johnny beep once is a breeze, temporarily also found in adolescents as a party game appeal.


It is played with a larger group from about 7 to 15 players. When children play another player is blindfolded and the other players arrange themselves in a circle around it on. The player with the blindfolded selects one of the bystanders and calls him with the saying Hänschen beep once to give a sound. He guesses who the players, the blindfold is exchanged.

At parties, it is customary on the part of the raters, to sit on the lap of the person sitting in the circle of participants and to require these to beep on. You can not guess after three beeping, the old dog, you have to occupy another player. In England it is known as the Squeak Piggy Squeak.


As an introductory game in kindergarten and the early primary class a player is sent just before the door. In the meantime, another child slips on the floor cowering under a blanket. The rater is asked in and must now be seen from the triple beep sounds, who is under the ceiling.