A puller is the most efficient and fast removal of liquids or granules, preferably of smooth surfaces. It is used in particular when used on windows.

It consists of a handle ( usually made ​​of metal, wood or plastic) and a transverse handle for 20-40 cm long strip, at the underside of a rubber lip extends.

Filmabstreifzangen for drying small format roll film after wet development have about three pairs of lips. Squeegee with broomstick and a foam rubber lip, which adapts to uneven ground that serve the pulling and pushing of dirty water to a drain. Wipers of vehicles provide clear vision in rain and water splashes.

The liquid is reciprocated by damming effect before the puller. A fine -edged lip on smooth glass seals so well that only a very thin film remains which may quickly evaporates. By choosing a suitable lip, matching pitch and pressure rattle can ( swing ) are largely avoided.

Yellow fat tanned peel ( reh ) leather longer serve the gentle drying painted car bodies, but by gradually capillary water absorption into the leather.