SRB is the abbreviation for:

  • Santa Rosa airport in the region Pando Bolivia after the IATA code
  • Claims settlement bodies of the Federation (SRB ), Northern Regional Office ( Soltau ), West ( Koblenz ); South ( Nuremberg), East (Erfurt )
  • Swiss law bibliography, a comprehensive directory of legal publications in Switzerland and foreign publications on Swiss law
  • Swiss cycling and motor driver waistband, today Swiss Cycling
  • Lifeboat, the proper name of the GMRS for smaller lifeboats
  • Serbia, three-letter country code according to ISO 3166-1
  • Solid rocket booster, see booster ( rocket propulsion ) and Solid Rocket Booster Space Shuttle
  • SRB ( radio station ), Open Channel Saalfeld (originally citizen television, radio citizen now )
  • City regional train (also city and regional rail ), see Karlsruhe Model
  • Südburgenländische Regional Bahn GmbH, set in 2011
  • Sulfate-reducing bacteria, which i.a. found in the human digestive tract and reduce sulfates to sulfides
  • Sulforhodamine B, a fluorescent dye among other things, is used in cell biology to quantify cell proteins, see Rhodamine

SRB as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis Mark- Or Country ( Strausberg )
  • Poland: powiat Rybnicki in Silesia

Srb stands for:

  • Srb, the primitive ancestors of the Serbs ( Sarma Phonetic strain)
  • Srb (municipality ), Small Municipality and town in Croatia

Srb is the surname of the following persons:

  • Adolf Srb (1850-1933), Bohemian- Czech historian and journalist
  • January Srb (1898-1964), Czechoslovak Mathematicians
  • Josef Srb; Ps Debrnov (1836-1904), Bohemian- Czech music publicist and organizer, translator and composer
  • Manfred Srb (* 1941), Austrian politician
  • Václav Srb (* 1987), Czech grass skier
  • Vladimír Srb (1856-1916), Bohemian- Czech politician and lawyer
  • Wilhelm Srb - Schloßbauer (1890-1972), German artist
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