SRI International

Curtis Carlson (President and CEO)

SRI International, SRI, founded the Stanford Research Institute of Stanford University, is a research institute based in Menlo developed as a park on the bay of San Francisco, the practical applications of science.

The institute was founded in 1946, has been independent since 1970 by the University, and is called since 1977 SRI International. His funded by contracts from governments, companies and other organizations.

The SRI research in many disciplines, for example in medicine and information technology. In December 1968, Douglas Engelbart of SRI not only the first time the computer mouse invented there, but for example, a video conference showed. The first addressee and recipient of a message in the Arpanet, the origin of the Internet, was in the following year, the SRI. In November 1977, the SRI introduced the first data transfer over several completely different Subnets, by, by a van with a radio transmitter in San Francisco from across the University College London, the University of Southern California. From SRI several dozen companies were founded, such as Nuance Communications. This is also how the voice recognition Siri from Apple iPhone.