Sribne Raion

The Rajon Sribne (Ukrainian Срібнянський район / rayon Sribnjanskyj; Russian Сребнянский район / Srebjanski raion ) is a raion in the Chernihiv Oblast. The Rajon has a population of 14,534 (2012 ) and covers an area of 579 km ², the smallest of the Chernihiv Oblast. The administrative headquarters of the Rajons is the eponymous city Sribne, but itself is not a part of Rajon. In Rajon Sribne there are two settlements of urban type, 11 towns and 28 villages.

It is noteworthy that the Rajon has a coat of arms and a flag as a symbol.


The Raion is located southeast of the Oblast Chernihiv and is bordered to the north east and north by the Rajon Talalakiwka, on the northwest by the Rajon Itschnja, in the west and southwest by the Rajon Pryluky, to the south by Rajon Warwa and to the west and southwest by the Raion Romny, which is located in the Oblast Sumy. In addition, he is a straight line approximately 150 km southeast of Chernihiv and 170 km north-east of Kiev. After Kiev, Chernihiv and other cities take different distance transport, so you can reach various cities well. By Rajon also run the streets or highways H07, T2529 and T2530, as well as the rivers and Udaj Lyssohir. The Dnieper River, the largest river of the country and the third largest in Europe, on the banks of Perejaslav -Khmelnytskyi best and achieve the shortest. Mountains do not exist in the vicinity of Rajons.

Administrative Divisions

Urban-type settlements