Sribne (Ukrainian Срібне; Russian Сребное / Srebnoje ) is an urban-type settlement in the Chernihiv Oblast of Ukraine and the center of the same name Rajons Sribne with about 3200 inhabitants. The settlement council municipality also includes the villages Artemenkiw ( Артеменків ) and Nykoniwka ( Никонівка ), the settlement lies north of the river Lyssohir ( Лисогір ).


The town was first mentioned in writing in 1174, he gained greater significance to the 17th century and even had a town charter. The importance of Sribne then declined sharply in the 18th century the place was only performed as a market town, the beginning of the 20th century only as a village. Since 1965, he once again has the status of an urban-type settlement.