SRL is an abbreviation for:

  • Saturday Review of Literature, 1924-1986 published, weekly American magazine
  • Secondary control power in energy technology, see Rule power ( mains ) # secondary control
  • Sinclair Research Ltd. , One founded by Sir Clive Sinclair British company, which was founded in 1962 as Sinclair Radionics to radios and calculators for sale
  • Special Directive, under Austrian law, a special ministerial decree, see Decree ( administrative law)
  • Association for Urban, Regional and National Planning Association, a professional association of spatial planners listed in the association name, founded in 1969 in Bonn, headquartered in Berlin
  • Short Range Lidar, ( German: short-range lidar), driver assistance system for optical distance detection and control in passenger cars

Srl or S.r.l. is an abbreviation for:

  • Società a responsabilità limitata, an Italian legal form of a corporation that is closest to the GmbH
  • Societate cu raspundere limitată, a Romanian legal form of a corporation, which is comparable to the GmbH or the Limited Liability Company
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