The abbreviation stands for SRP:

  • A party in Cambodia, see Sam Rainsy Party
  • Scaling and root planning, a dental technique for periodontal disease prophylaxis
  • A marine propulsion, see Schottel rudder propeller
  • Signal recognition particle, see signal recognition particle
  • An architectural principle in software development, see Single Responsibility Principle
  • Solar Radiation Pressure, see radiation pressure
  • A German party, see Socialist Reich Party
  • Suggested Retail Price, see retail price
  • A method of the tax audit, see Summary Risk Assessment
  • Supervisory Review Process - a supervisory review process, see Basel II
  • Seating Reference Point - the seat reference point or R point, which describes the driver in the vehicle seating position
  • Secure Remote Protocol - an encryption protocol in the information processing
  • Secure Routing Protocol - a Wegfindungsprotokoll in computer networks, which prevent attacks on the routing to
  • Soluble Reactive Phosphorus ( dissolved reactive phosphorus for english ) - this phosphorus fraction passes through filters with a pore size of 0.45 microns and can be measured without digestion with the molybdenum blue method; in the earlier literature, this fraction is referred to as orthophosphate, but other slightly varying phosphorus compounds are present in addition to free orthophosphate ions

Srp is the name of:

  • Alfred Srp (1927-1987), Austrian Cutter
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