SRT is an abbreviation for:

  • Minolta SR- T 101 series of SLR Minolta
  • Sardinia Radio Telescope, under construction in Sardinia Radio Telescope
  • School for Radio Technology in Nuremberg
  • Silver Ring Thing, chastity movement
  • Single rope technique, used in caving Einseiltechnik
  • Special theory of relativity, a physical theory of the motion of bodies and fields in space and time
  • SRT division, Express division method in computer arithmetic, named after its inventors Sweeney, Robertson, Tocher
  • SRT pendulum, a stationary measuring device for determining the skid resistance of road surfaces and markings
  • State Railway of Thailand, Thai state railway company
  • Street and Racing Technology, uprated vehicles by Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep
  • Suter Racing Technology, the Swiss manufacturer of racing motorcycles and parts
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician, English for flow savior
  • Role Name from the movie THX 1138

. srt stands for:

  • SubRipper Subtitle information, file format for subtitles
  • Disambiguation
  • Abbreviation