The abbreviation SRV may refer to:

  • The signal -to-noise ratio,
  • The Socialist Republic of Vietnam,
  • SRV resource record in the Internet Domain Name System (DNS),
  • Simian retrovirus, another name for the simian immunodeficiency virus ( SIV),
  • American blues musician Stevie Ray Vaughan,
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar, a signature model Fender Stratocaster
  • An instrumental song by guitarist Eric Johnson on his 1996 album Venus Isle.
  • Oscillating friction and wear, this is explored in tribology and measured with a tribometer.
  • The Swiss Rowing Federation

The abbreviation SrV called:

  • The system of representative surveys of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences "Friedrich List " at TU Dresden


  • Srv (short for Server) in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard directory /
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