Sørvågen, Moskenes

593 inhabitants for each km ²

Sørvågen is a fishing village in the municipality Moskenes in Lofoten in Norway. The village in the south of the island Moskenesøy belongs to the province (county ) North Country and has about 450 inhabitants.

Main sources of income form in the village, which lies on the European road 10, the fishing and tourism. The place has a school center, shops for everyday needs, a post office, art galleries and a restaurant. The "Norwegian Telecom Museum " is represented in Sørvågen with a permanent exhibition, because the history of the village is closely linked with that of the Norwegian telecommunications. A built in 1861 Lofotenleitung combined with 170 kilometers of telephone cables the place with eight other fishing villages. It was here that in 1906 the first wireless radio telegraph northern Europe, the second was at the same time worldwide. The first ship radio telegraph and the first radio telephone connection were later built in the Lofotendorf.

Of the two kilometers away parish Moskenes drives a car ferry that connects the island to the mainland Moskenesøy in the nordic capital Bodø and with the islands of Værøy and Røstlandet at the southernmost end of Lofoten.


Norwegian Telecom Museum

Center of Sørvågen

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