SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron, also briefly Iron, is a free web browser on the code base of Chromium.


In September 2008, the German software company SRWare brought out the first Windows version of the browser. It was a spin-off of the Chrome browser, in which some features have been removed because of data protection concerns. Some of these functions, such as chrome unique identification number, have now completely removed even with Chrome or do not exist, or at least easily deactivated in the underlying Chromium.

For Linux there on 26 May 2009, a first preview version, the first alpha on 17 June and the first beta on November 7, 2009. On January 7, 2010 was first published in a ( beta ) version for Mac OS X.

Since August 2010 Iron is one of the twelve browsers offered by Microsoft under as alternatives to Internet Explorer. Iron replaced along with the two Lunascape Browser Green Browser Sleipnir and that were removed from the list. Meanwhile, Sleipnir is back in the list.

Differences to Chrome

Iron contains additional functions compared to Chrome, but also omitting other. For example, an ad blocker is integrated.

Unlike Chrome Iron is no automatic search suggestions and does not display Google error pages. He does not send any automatic bug reports to Google. In the automatically launched at Chrome Google Search in the background was also omitted.

Other functions are not included RLZ tracking ( an encoded character string), the Google Updater and DNS prefetching.