SS Heimwehr Danzig

The SS guard Sturmbann Eimann was a special armed SS unit until the fall of 1939 consisted of summer on the territory of the Free City of Danzig and burst into the Totenkopfverbande afterwards. Other names for this SS unit are also SS Major Eimann and SS special storm troop "E".


On June 3, 1939 by the then " authorized representative of the Danzig Senate for Political Affairs ," SS Brigade Commander John Shepherd, 36 of the so-called SS guard Sturmbann "E" set of members of the Danzig SS -Standarte. Commander of the newly formed SS unit was SS -Sturmbannführer Kurt Eimann, who also led the Gdansk SS -Standarte. Officially, the wax Sturmbann "E" was (the " E " stood for Eimann ), an armed reserve lieutenant colonel of the Gdansk SS and was formally established as Enhanced SS police reserve for special tasks. In fact, this was Sturmbann but a unit of the SS Security Service and was placed under the Danzig police chief. Stabsfiihrer this SS unit was Max Pauly.

In June 1939, work began to build different "provisional detention " Workers of the Danzig SS and guard tower bans in the Danzig area. Meanwhile, started under the command of SS - First Lieutenant Erich favor northwest of the village of Stutthof, a construction team to create a " SS special camp ". All " internment " of the Polish Corridor and the " special camp Stutthof " were under from June 1939 to January 7, 1942 organizationally Pauly. The guard Sturmbann "E ", which was renamed later in wax Sturmbann " Eimann " infiltrated in the ethnic German areas of the corridor which are " German self-protection associations " in which the Danzig SS over the wax Sturmbann this endowed indirectly with weapons and military trained. Also came many commanders of these " self-protection associations " directly from the Danziger wax storm spell.

After the so-called reunion of Danzig with the German Reich from September 1, made ​​of wax Sturmbann " Eimann " the executive staff and the officers of the newly established "Special Camp Stutthof " and was supported by the German Government mainly for " special police duties " in the new " Danzig- West Prussia " that is, to persecution and internment of Polish Jews, are used.

But with the German attack on Poland on 1 September 1939 was one of the wax Sturmbann " Eimann " to the irregular auxiliary associations. Himmler gave the former HSSPF Danzig-West Prussia, Richard Hermann Hildebrandt, in a letter before, to have thus established a " special dressing for special disposal " from selfish motives. Himmler later: "You will agree with me that it the end of the SS would have come as a single organization. "

The guard Sturmbann " Eimann " was disbanded with the SS Home Guard Gdansk together on September 30, 1939 and converted into the " SS-Totenkopf Sturmbann KL Stutthof ".

From June 1939 to May 1945 were among the guard force of the Stutthof concentration camp at around 2,500 people, among whom were many women.

Outline of the wax Sturmbannes "E"

  • SS -Sturmbannführer Kurt Eimann
  • Command
  • I. hundred
  • II hundred
  • III. hundred
  • IV hundred
  • Automotive Relay