SS Huntsend

Hunt Send

The Reichspostdampfer Lützow was the tenth ship of the generals class of the North German Lloyd ( NDL) for the service to East Asia and Australia. The ship was named after the Prussian Major General Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm von Lützow (1782-1834), commander of the "Black Hunter ".

The 1914 seized by the British in the Suez Canal Lützow 1923 repurchased by NDL and used until 1932 in the North Atlantic and cruises. She was the first ship that brought an aircraft with up to offer the tourist sightseeing flights.


The Lützow began on April 11, 1908 on her maiden voyage to New York. On July 29, 1908 her first assignment was as Reichspostdampfer to East Asia.

At the start of the First World War, the Lützow was in the Suez Canal. She was seized by the British and used as Hunt End. (See Huns steamer. )

1923 bought the NDL the Lützow back. After repair and remodeling measured with 8716 BRT, the Lützow had facilities for 820 passengers only in the II and III. Class. On 14 June 1924, it took its first post-war journey for the NDL to New York. Even after Canada was used. In June 1925, she led the first time by three Nordland cruises. 1926 was followed by five Mediterranean cruises from February 12: The Lützow ran from Bremerhaven around Spain in 16 days to Genoa, and from there went the second trip in 15 days over nine intermediate ports to Venice and the third trip there in 26 days over Greece to Constantinople Opel, over Palestine to Alexandria and back to Venice. The fourth and fifth trip repeated the first two in the reverse direction. 1927 stood Mediterranean and North -country trips, but also a Ostsee-/Skandinavien-Kreuzfahrt on the program; to 1931 there were a total of 17 cruises.

As of April 1927, the Lützow became the first ship with a plane to provide the tourist sightseeing flights. It was a Junkers F -13 floatplane (D -376 " crown heron " ) of Deutsche Lufthansa.

In May 1929, the passenger facilities was rebuilt and the Lützow was a cabin, tourist and III. Class. On April 7, 1932, the last North Atlantic voyage of the Lützow and on July 8, began another trip to East Asia.

On 24 December 1932, the ship was sold for demolition.