SS Orcades (1921)

The Reichspostdampfer Prince Ludwig ( 1906) was built at Stettin Vulcan for mixed passenger and freight service of the North German Lloyd ( NDL), Bremen, on the Reichspostdampfer line to East Asia. He replaced there with the very similar Prinz Eitel Friedrich Barbarossa ships of the class. Both ships were similar in structure to the ships of the generals class, but were slightly longer two chimney - ships with two masts.

Use the NDL

The Prince Ludwig was launched on August 16, 1906 on her maiden voyage from Bremerhaven to Japan. From its no use under the German flag is known on another line. Together with the very similar Prinz Eitel Friedrich and Princess Alice of the Barbarossa class it was primarily used as a passenger ship alongside ships of the generals class until 1914 on the Reichspostdampfer line of NDL to East Asia.

When war broke out she was in the home. Although she was safe as Prince Eitel Friedrich prepared for use as an auxiliary cruiser, no concrete plans for such use are known. It remained for the duration of the war trailers in Bremerhaven.

On March 27, 1919, she was delivered to the UK. It was used for the repatriation of Australian troops from Europe and the Middle East.

In 1921 she came to overhaul for the Orient Steam Navigation Company ( Orient Line ) as Orcades for 599 passengers on the route from the UK to Australia in service. On September 20, 1924, she was decommissioned. In 1925 its demolition in Bremerhaven.