SsangYong Chairman

The SsangYong Chairman is a model of the Korean automobile manufacturer SsangYong. The four-door notchback sedan is based on the platform of the Mercedes -Benz W 124 produced since 1998. The first published model was the "Chairman H '. Visually, this sedan looks very strong to the Mercedes -Benz W 140 ( S-Class ) similar because the body design was copied. Because of the technical relationship and also because of the use of typical Mercedes external style elements of the car is not offered in Germany. The optics of the Chairman and the model designations 500 and 600 are reminiscent of the Mercedes S- class, but serves as a basis only the E-Class. In cooperation with the North Korean car manufacturer Pyeonghwa 2006 was also a sister model, which carries the name currently Pyeonghwa Zunma. The sister model since late 2010 in the People's Republic of China -made, however, is marketed under the market name Roewe 950.

SsangYong Chairman H 2005-2008

SsangYong Chairman W 2008-2011

SsangYong New Chairman since 2011

The now provided with a facelift Chairman, there are (as of early 2008 ) with left- or right-hand drive as 500S on a over the W 124 stretched wheelbase (2900 mm), powered by a 2.8 - liter in-line six-cylinder (148 kW/201 hp ), as 600S of identical size with a 3.2 - liter in-line six-cylinder (162 kW/220 hp ) or 600L with a 30 cm longer wheelbase. Standard is a five-speed automatic, which comes as the engines from Mercedes.