SSE2 (Streaming SIMD Extensions 2) is an x86 instruction set extension, which introduced Intel with the Intel Pentium 4. The measures introduced by SSE 128 -bit registers can be used in SSE2 and MMX operations. SSE2 enables the processing of floating-point double-precision ( ie 64 -bit instead of 32 bit precision ) and the use of integer operations on XMM registers.

SSE2 offers over its predecessor to SSE extensions to improve the performance of video and image editing and playback. Also AMD support SSE2 and Athlon 64 The license for use of SSE2 AMD received in exchange for a license to use the 64- bit instruction set extension AMD64, EM64T, Intel was the first and is now simply Intel 64

CPUs with SSE2

Since SSE2 is one of the first SIMD extensions to the x86 architecture, and came on the market in 2001, have all x86 CPUs in recent years SSE2. For a complete list of all CPUs with SSE2 would be quite confusing, so we refer at this point to the list of microprocessors.

Below is an overview from which CPU family the respective manufacturers have integrated SSE2:

  • AMD: Athlon 64, Opteron, Sempron processor core with Paris
  • Centaur Technology: from VIA C7
  • Intel: all processors with NetBurst, Core or any later x86 microarchitecture, in mobile processors from Pentium M
  • Transmeta: from Efficeon
  • Processor architecture
  • Intel