The Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 ( SSE3 short ) is the second of the SSE instruction set. It is also known under the code name Intel Prescott New Instructions ( PNI ), since it was first used in the Prescott version of the Pentium 4 in spring 2004. AMD supports these extensions since April 2005 and led them to the e- steppings one with the Athlon 64, Opteron and Sempron. VIA Centaur and assist with the C7 also the new commands.

SSE3 is a further extension of the SIMD instruction set for the x86 (more precisely, the IA-32 ) processor architecture. The previous expansions were MMX, 3DNow, SSE, SSE2.

SSE3 enhances the SSE2 instruction set with 13 new instructions:

  • Fisttp for rescission of floating point numbers to integers
  • Addsubps, addsubpd, movsldup, movshdup, movddup for complex arithmetic
  • Lddqu video encoding
  • Haddps, hsubps, haddpd, hsubpd to support the graphics processing
  • Monitor, MWAIT for thread communication

The support of the last two commands must be checked explicitly using the CPUID instruction, since they require multi-core processors and Hyper -Threading enabled CPUs.

The most obvious enhancement is the facilitation of horizontal addition and subtraction in a register that already at 3DNow was possible. This simplifies the programming of DSP and 3D capabilities, while only vertical operations were more or less possible in the previous SSE versions.

CPUs with SSE3

  • AMD Athlon 64 (from the processor core Venice, Revision E3 and San Diego, revision E4)
  • AMD Athlon 64 Mobile ( processor core Newark revision E5)
  • AMD Athlon 64 X2
  • AMD Athlon 64 FX ( processor core from San Diego, revision E4)
  • AMD Athlon X2
  • AMD Athlon II
  • AMD Phenom
  • AMD Phenom II
  • AMD Opteron K8 (from revision E4)
  • AMD Opteron K9
  • AMD Opteron K10
  • AMD Sempron (from processor core Palermo, revision E3)
  • AMD Turion 64
  • AMD Turion 64 X2
  • Intel Celeron (from processor core Conroe -L)
  • Intel Celeron D
  • Intel Celeron M ( Yonah core from processor )
  • Intel Core Duo
  • Intel Core Solo
  • Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Intel Core 2 Quad
  • Intel Core 2 Extreme
  • Intel Pentium 4 (from the processor core Prescott )
  • Intel Pentium D
  • Intel Pentium Dual-Core
  • Intel Atom
  • Intel Xeon ( Nocona core from processor )
  • VIA C7
  • VIA Nano