SSH Communications Security

SSH Communications Security is a company that develops software for the confidentiality of real-time communication develops and sells. It is one of the world's leading providers of security solutions for corporations, financial institutions and government agencies. From April 2010 to October 2012, the company operated under the NamenTectia. Since November 2012 we again occurs under the original name SSH Communications Security.


The company was founded in late 1995 by Tatu Ylönen, to market the developed by him Secure Shell. It has its headquarters in Helsinki and is listed on the stock exchange. Since September 2011, Tatu Ylönen is again CEO of SSH Communications Security.

By his own description of the company on their website currently using over 3,000 companies worldwide, the solutions of SSH Communications Security, including 40 % of Fortune Global 500 company whose product solutions.


With Secure Shell, the company has created a for Windows users until today very popular, for the non -commercial use free SSH client. The program has contributed significantly to the acceptance of SSH for end users and celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2007, but is no longer actively developed today.

SSH Communications Security is currently offering solutions for the confidentiality of real-time communication both in client / server environments as well as for the mainframe area.

With the products SSH Server for z / OS and SSH Server for z / Linux SSH Communications Security offers solutions that enables secure data transfer in the SFTP format for the mainframe area through the use of SSH and thus addressed the issue of compliance.

In July 2012 took place at the Black Hat USA, the official launch of the new products Universal SSH SSH Crypto Key Manager and Auditor.

With the Universal SSH Key Manager SSH Communications Security offers businesses a simple, scalable, interacting solution which is aimed at both OpenSSH, as well as to commercial SSH clients and helps you time and money by reducing the complexity of the requirements for the manual administration your Enterprise environments arises and at the same time reduces the risk of unauthorized internal and external access and to ensure that the issue of compliance is successfully addressed. Background for the development of this new SSH solution was the situation, the SSH keys never expire, which even at normal employee turnover function in a company for which decreases the overview of the available SSH Keys and parallel to the risk of unwanted access with the help of an old actually no longer in use SSH Keys increases, without that this can be perceived as unauthorized access, since the SSH Key yes still valid. As a consequence, so is a critical security hole in space that has been given little attention.

With Crypto Auditor to SSH Communications Security is aimed at businesses looking for a transparent and centralized real-time monitoring and audit solution you the opportunity offers the traceability of the activities of their employees to ensure without affecting the work of remote administrators, as well as their administrators in addition the opportunity to offer any time to prove your innocence. This solution was developed against the background of potential security threats from trusted insiders (eg administrators) can expect to reduce to meet current and future compliance requirements and reduce the costs associated with implementation and administration.