SSH File Transfer Protocol

The SSH File Transfer Protocol or Secure File Transfer Protocol ( SFTP) is one for the Secure Shell ( SSH) designed an alternative to the File Transfer Protocol (FTP ), which allows encryption.

In contrast to FTP over TLS ( FTPS ), SFTP is satisfied with a single connection between client and server. This interpretation allows SFTP provides free to use SSH instead of how any other method for authentication and encryption.


SFTP was designed by SSH Communications Security. In 2001 the first publication of the specification by the Internet Engineering Task Force. The preparation of a draft Internet standard was discontinued in 2006 due to organizational reasons.

SFTP was introduced with version 2 of the Secure Shell, whose version 1 instead Secure Copy bot.


Many programs for file transfer SFTP support and access for this purpose back to PuTTY or OpenSSH.

Commands to these two program packages to own are like get and put for downloads and uploads. SFTP only defines basic commands for programmers, but no composite commands such as get and put for users.

Like SSH, SFTP is usually offered on port 22.