SSHFS (Secure SHell FileSystem ) is a computer program. It implements a file system and can be used on the Linux operating system and other platforms where FUSE is ready. This allows a remote file system with a simple Secure Shell ( SSH) included by a non- privileged user (mounted ) are.

On the server side SSHFS requires only a running SSH server with SFTP subsystem. By authenticating and encrypting the transmitted data by SSH SSHFS provides a convenient way for secure data transfer over the Internet.

Integrate Another variant remote file systems under Linux, SHFS offers. This is not based on FUSE, but directly implemented an operating system kernel module that invokes SSH. The development of SHFS was discontinued in 2004.

Some file managers, such as the Midnight Commander can also access the file system from another machine via a SSH connection. This does not require any kernel support, but is only available within the program, while FUSE -based file systems like a normal file system available to every user-space program.