The abbreviation stands for SSI:

  • Oxygen saturation index
  • The "Institute of Ship Design and Ship Safety " of the Technical University of Hamburg -Harburg
  • Scuba Schools International, a globally operating, commercial Instructor Association
  • Self Service Information - information retrieval with self-service
  • Server Side Includes, a server-side scripting language
  • Server System Infrastructure, a forum for the standardization of server computer enclosures, server computer, and server - computer motherboards ( common: dual-CPU or multi-processor motherboards ), see SSI CEB
  • Single System Image, a distributed computer system, which appears as an instance
  • Small Scale Integration, a degree of integration in semiconductor technology
  • Standard Settlement Instructions, Trade Policies in the interbank market
  • Statens Serum Institut, a Danish state research institute with core competencies in the microbiological, immunological and epidemiological field
  • Statens Stralskyddsinstitut, a Swedish Radiation Protection Institute
  • Strategic Simulations, Inc., developers of computer games
  • Stress - strain index is a measure for bone strength similar to the bending strength in three-point bending test.
  • Sundsamband Íslands, the Icelandic Swimming Association
  • Synchronous Serial Interface, an interface for transducers
  • Solid State Ionics, a journal and biennial meeting of ionic solids
  • Sleeve insignia (English Shoulder Sleeve Insignia ) of the United States Army
  • Simple sequential inhibition, a stochastic process, see hard-core process
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