SSP is an abbreviation for:

  • Satellite Sentinel Project, a human rights project based on satellite monitoring
  • Scottish Socialist Party, a Scottish party
  • Secretaría de Seguridad Pública, Ministry of Mexico for public safety jurisdiction
  • Select Service Partner Germany, a travel service
  • Security Support Provider, a Microsoft specification for authentication interfaces of system services
  • Siemens Schottel propulsor, a drive unit for boats and aircraft, see propeller pod
  • Single Source Publishing
  • SkyscraperPage, English-language website
  • Societas a Sancto Paulo Apostolo, see Society of St.. Apostle Paul, a Catholic men's religious
  • Sole Survivor Policy of the United States Armed Forces
  • Stack Smashing Protection, a protective mechanism against buffer overflows
  • Südsudanesisches pound, the currency of the Republic of South Sudan

Ssp. stands for:

  • Subspecies, in biology, the taxonomic rank directly below the type, see subspecies
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  • Abbreviation