SSV Aalen

The games and sports club Aalen 1901 eV (short: SSV Aalen ) is a sports club from Aalen, with around 800 members. The club has departments for the sports of football, basketball, athletics, jazz dance, preschool gymnastics, Gymnastics, Women's Gymnastics, Tennis and disabled sports. The Player of the SSV played 1961/62 in the third-rate amateur league Nordwürttemberg, but increased as the 16th, together with the local rival VfR Aalen from. In Disabled Sports Aalen is a center in Württemberg. Thus, the Württemberg -around Championships in Athletics will be held in Aalen SSV Stadium. Already in 1947, was created in a club -disabled sports community, driven into the war-disabled sport. The department opened in the course of the 1960s, for other people with disabilities and in 1991 finally disabled and invalids Sports Community ( BVSG ) renamed.