The abbreviation SSV stands for:

  • Swiss signaling regulation
  • Day Pre-Sale or End of Season Sale
  • Spandau SV
  • Student self-administration
  • Conduct Disorder - A child and adolescent psychiatric diagnosis
  • Responsible for radiation protection
  • Road signaling regulation of the Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Sports and swimming club, swimming club, shooting club or sports Games Federation, club abbreviation following associations: SSV Aalen, Sports Club in Aalen, Baden- Württemberg
  • SSV Altenberg, sports club in Altenberg ( Erzgebirge), Saxony
  • SSV Bozen, Sports Club in Bolzano, South Tyrol
  • SSV Textima Chemnitz, football club based in Chemnitz, Saxony
  • SSV Dillenburg, Sports Club in Dillenburg, Hesse
  • SSV St. Hubert Elsen, sport shooting club in Paderborn, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • SSV Esslingen, swimming club in Esslingen, Baden- Württemberg
  • SSV Blue-White Gersdorf, Sports Club in Gersdorf, Saxony
  • SSV Hagen, Sports Club in Hagen, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • SSV Union 06 Hannover, swimming club in Hanover, Lower Saxony
  • SSV - Köpenick Oberspree, Sports Club in Berlin
  • SSV Markranstadt, Sports Club in Markranstädt, Saxony
  • SSV Neustadt / Sachsen, Sports Club in Neustadt in Saxony, Saxony
  • SSV Jahn Regensburg, football club in Regensburg, Bavaria
  • SSV Reutlingen 05, Sports Club in Reutlingen, Baden- Württemberg
  • SSV Stötteritz, sports club in Leipzig, Saxony
  • SSV Troisdorf 05, Sports Club in Troisdorf, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • SSV Eintracht About Lord football club in About Lord, Saarland
  • SSV Ulm 1846, Sports Club in Ulm, Baden- Württemberg
  • SSV 08 Undine, Sports Club in Mainz, Rhineland -Palatinate
  • SSV Sand 1910 eV, sports club in northern Hesse, Association League

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  • Swiss Mountain Dog Club of Germany eV
  • Following sports associations: the Swiss Chess Federation
  • Saarländischer Chess Federation
  • The Swiss Ski Federation
  • The Swabian Ski
  • The Saxon Swimming Federation
  • The Swiss Association of Cities
  • Swiss studio film dressing
  • The Swiss writer and writers association
  • The Swiss referee association
  • The Südschleswiger club
  • Siasi Airport in the Philippines after the IATA airport code
  • The short form of the band SSV NSMABAAOTWMODAACOTIATW
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