St. Albert (Alberta)

St. Albert is a city in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is located a few kilometers northwest of Edmonton. Originally founded as a French-Canadian missionary settlement, St. Albert is now a wealthy suburb of Edmonton.


St. Albert is dominated by the valley of the Sturgeon River. The low hills form a contrast to the flat prairie around.


St. Albert was founded in 1861 by the Catholic missionary Father Albert Lacombe and his Métis community members for missionary work among the Cree and Blackfoot Indians. A few years later attracted a group of nuns of the Grey Nuns Order and Métis settlers of Lac Ste. Anne to St. Albert to, as the area offered better conditions for agriculture. In 1900, St. Albert was given the status of a village, a town in 1904 and 1977 to a big city ( City).


The Albert Lacombe built wooden chapel ( Father Lacombe Chapel ) on Mission Hill ( Mission Hills) is the oldest building in Alberta and has been restored to its original condition. It is open during the summer months for tours.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Emanuel Viveiros (* 1966), Austrian- Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Brett Lysak ( born 1980 ), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Marc Kennedy ( b. 1982 ), Canadian curler
  • Ryan kinase Wich ( b. 1983 ), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Erin McLeod ( b. 1983 ), goalkeeper of the Canadian women's national team