St. Peter's Abbey, Saskatchewan

The Saint Peter- Muenster Abbey (English St. Peter 's Abbey ) is a monastery of the Benedictine Order in Muenster, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is the oldest monastery in Canada. The abbey is part of the American Benedictine Congregation Cassinensischen.


In 1892, the Benedictine Abbey of St. Vincent ( Saint Vincent Archabbey ), Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA, the priory of Cluny in Wetaug, Illinois. First prior was Oswald moss Mueller. His successor, Alfred used by the Roman Curia Mayer, moved the seat of the United States to Saskatchewan in Canada with the permission of the local Bishop of Prince -Albert Albert Pascal OMI. In 1903, the first Benedictine monks settled in Muenster, first in wooden huts. The first Abbot Bruno Doerfler made ​​in 1910 to build the first abbey church, which was founded in 1919 completed by a dome paintings by Berthold Imhoff; In 1911 the convent to abbey was charged. 1914 Ursuline convent was settled from Germany. Pope Benedict XV. raised the Benedictine convent with the surrounding area supervised by him in 1921 to Abbatia nullius ( Corporal Abbey ). In the same year, the St. Peter 's College was built by Abbot Michael Ott, the 1972 High School, later became part of the University of Saskatchewan. Abbot Jerome Ferdinand Weber left the monastery in 1962 to expand and create new; 1989, a new church was consecrated.


Saint Peter- Muenster was from 1921 to 1998 a Territorial Abbey, a Roman Catholic bishopric similar particular Church, whose territory was the diocese of Saskatoon slammed 1998. Since then, St. Peter- Muenster is normal Abbey again.


Abbots of the Territorial Abbey

  • Michael Ott, OSB, 1921-1926
  • Severin Jacob Gertken, OSB, 1926-1960
  • Jerome Ferdinand Weber, OSB, 1960-1990
  • Peter Wilfred Novecosky, OSB, 1990-1998

Abbots since 1998

  • Peter Wilfred Novecosky, OSB, since 1998