STA is the abbreviation for:

  • Sail Training Association, an association for the promotion of sail training for young people
  • Scheduled Time of Arrival, scheduled arrival time, are reported mainly in the flight plan
  • Tube trailer, a fire trailer
  • Seder Tannaim we- amoraim, a source for the history of the Talmud from the 9th century
  • Shuttle Training Aircraft, a training aircraft NASA
  • Seventh- day Adventist Church, an Evangelical Free Church
  • Siemens Technical Academy, Foundation of Siemens AG for the training of technical assistants and industrial technologists
  • Simultaneous Thermal Analysis, combination of thermogravimetry ( TG) and differential scanning calorimetry ( DSC)
  • Single Threaded Apartment, behavior of components of the Component Object Model in the computer science
  • Slovenska tiskovna agencija, a national news agency of Slovenia
  • Società Ticinese di apicoltura - Association of bees Friends of the Italian- speaking part of Switzerland (see Swiss Verein German and Romansh bees Friends)
  • Spanning Tree Algorithm, algorithm festzustellt which ports are enabled in networks, see spanning tree
  • Spike triggered average
  • Static timing analysis, the timing of a method for calculating the digital circuit
  • Statistical Token Analysis method for classifying spam in the computer science
  • Store Accumulator, a machine instruction of the microprocessor MOS Technology 6502
  • Subjective task analysis, a work psychological process
  • South Tyrolean transport structures AG
  • Supplier Technical Assistance, start-up management in the automotive industry

STA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis Starnberg
  • Poland: powiat tarnogórski in Silesia

StA is the abbreviation for:

  • Nationality
  • Public prosecutor
  • Prosecutor
  • State Archives
  • Studienassessor

Sta. is short for:

  • Santa, in several Romance languages ​​designation for female saint, see Saint

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