As a regional library is called in Germany those libraries that are responsible for the collection, provision and deploy the regional literature and its distortion in a bibliography ( Bibliography country or Regionalbibliografie ). The tasks of a regional library are comparable with those in about a national library on a smaller scale. Many regional libraries also have a regional legal deposit.

Among the regional libraries include all state libraries ( also known as State Library ) and some city libraries with regionally -based collecting. Part of the regional libraries must simultaneously a different type of library, which can often be read out on their behalf ( for example, Saarland University and State Library, Goettingen State and University Library ).

Many regional libraries go back to royal or princely court libraries or management libraries.

The Berlin State Library and the Bavarian State Library in Munich have a special status insofar as they perceived on regional tasks in the 19th century and nationally to internationally are important - provided that they are no longer among the regional libraries.