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The Stade Francis -Le Basser is the football stadium of Stade Laval. Laval is located in the department of Mayenne in the Pays de la Loire, France.

In the founding year of the association in 1902 they played on the Champ de Croix (Eng. ): Cross field. In the 1930s, they built a venue named Stade Jean Yvinec, named in honor of a young player of the club, who passed away at age 26. In 1971, the stadium received its current name after the then mayor of Laval Francis Le Basser. The capacity increased in 1978 from 11,000 to 20,000 seats. Today, the stadium has 18,739 seats, of which 10,739 seats. The floodlight has 600 Lux 600 parking spaces are available on the nearby trade fair grounds. The attendance record was set on 24 August 1979. To match Stade Laval vs AS Saint- Étienne ( 2:3 ) were 20,849 spectators.

In the 2001/2002 season, some changes took place in order to comply with the provisions of the French Ligue de Football Professionnel League Association. The athletics track was removed and built a new North Stand.