Stade Jules Deschaseaux

  • Games of the Le Havre AC (1971-2012)

The Stade Jules Deschaseaux is a football stadium in Le Havre, Seine- Maritime in the Haute -Normandie (France).


The old Stade Municipal du Havre was opened in 1932. 1954 was then a city council of Le Havre, Jules Deschaseaux ( 1872-1957 ), named. In 1971, the Le Havre AC pulled out of her Stade de la Verte Cavée into the Jules Deschaseaux. Its maximum capacity was 22,000 spectators. The mid-90s it was converted into a seat stadium. The four stands are completely covered and today provide 16,387 people place. The attendance record with 19,285 spectators were on 16 August 1996 in the play Le Havre AC - placed Olympique Marseille.


In 2004, the first plans for a new stadium began. The old venue can not be expanded further due to lack of space. There is not enough room for extra parking; the lack of comfort and the general decline took care of the decision. On the 9th of September 2009 Le Havre's Mayor Antoine Rufenacht and Luc Delamain, architect of the VINCI Group / SCAU / KSS / IOSIS, the plans for the new stadium before. The new arena will be built right next to the Stade Jules Deschaseaux. It will have 25,000 seats (soccer). In addition to soccer and rugby, concerts and other events are held there. The new stadium will produce by a photovoltaic system with 1,500 sqm more electricity than it consumes and would be the first stadium in France of its kind The total cost has been estimated at € 80 million. Of these, the principal bears community association Le Havre ( CODAH ) € 44.5 million, the Regional Council of Haute -Normandie € 25 million, the Council of the department of Seine- Maritime € 10 million and the state € 0.5 million.

In July 2010, work began on the football stadium called Stade Océane began. The opening of the sports and entertainment facility with 25 178 seats was held on 12 July 2012. On August 15, 2012 took it as the official opening of the football match between France and Uruguay ( 0-0) instead.