Stadelhofen is a community in the Upper Franconian district of Bamberg and a member of the administrative community Steinfeld.

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  • 3.1 Municipal Election 2008
  • 3.2 Municipal Election 2002
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Geographical Location

The village and the municipality is situated on the outskirts of the Franconian Switzerland on the highway from Bamberg to Bayreuth.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring municipalities are (from north clockwise beginning ): Weis Main ( district of Lichtenfels ), Hollfeld ( near Bayreuth ), King Field, Scheßlitz and watts village.

Community structure

Stadelhofen is divided into 10 districts (in brackets number of inhabitants ):

  • Eichenhüll (116)
  • Hohenhäusling (83)
  • Hops mill ( 5)
  • Pfaff village (107 )
  • Roßdorf am Berg ( 72)
  • Schederndorf (153 )
  • Stadelhofen (188 )
  • Steinfeld ( 386)
  • Wölkendorf (104)
  • Wotzendorf (53)

There are the following districts: Schederndorf, Stadelhofen, Steinfeld, Wölkendorf, Hohenhäusling.


The place was first mentioned in 1248 in a document. The place name probably means Stadelhofen to the courts, which are provided with a barn. Possibly but it is also a modified personal names.

Stadelhofen is located on the spot where an old military road from Bamberg to Kulmbach crossed the path of Weis Main to Hollfeld.

Even if Stadelhofen was not mentioned until late in records, but it is clear that the area was inhabited around the year 630. In a map from 1595, the area around Stadelhofen is called Uf dem Gebürg.

1386 sold the chest things the place at the price of 2,000 Heller to the Bishop of Bamberg. With the Imperial Diet of 1803 the place came as part of the Bishopric of Bamberg Bavaria. In the course of administrative reform in Bavaria, was born with the congregation of 1818, the current community.

Besides Stadelhofen there were in the area as well a now -lost parish Leuchnitz that lay somewhere between Weis Main and Steinfeld.

The Catholic parish church of Stadelhofen, which is dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Catherine, dates from the 18th century. The tower with its spire is a landmark in the area. The high altar was bought from the Litzendorfern in 1721.


On 1 July 1973, until then independent municipality Wölkendorf was incorporated. On May 1, 1978 Schederndorf and Steinfeld and parts were added to the dissolved municipality Hohenhäusling.

Population Development


Mayor Ludwig Göhl ( Nonpartisan voter community ). He was re- elected in 2002 successor of Henry Linz ( CSU) and 2008 with 63.53 % of votes in the year. 2014 received Göhl at a rival candidate of the Free Voters 56.91 %.

Municipal Election 2008

In the municipal elections of 2008, the Nonpartisan voter community made ​​up 6 seats ( 47.7 %), the Free Voters to 4 seats ( 29.9 %) and the CSU to two seats ( 22.4 %). The turnout was 84.1 %.

Municipal Election 2002

In the municipal elections in 2002, the Nonpartisan voter community made ​​up 6 seats ( 49.7 %), the CSU to 3 seats ( 26.6 %) and the Free Voters to 3 seats ( 23.7 %). The turnout was 90.1%.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms description reads: " Split of red and silver, golden shield between the front main and golden sign foot a silver Roch, rear blue shield between primary and even such sign foot a red heraldic rose with golden slugs and green sepals. "

The Roch recalls the Neustätter family. The red bar in the golden field refers to the Counts of Truhendingen. The rose is the symbol of the Lords of Aufseß. The colors red and silver refer to the families Giech and Foertsch, ministry officials of the Counts of Andechs- Meranien.

Culture and sights


→ List of monuments in Stadelhofen

Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

It was in 1998 according to official statistics in the manufacturing sector and 61 in the area of ​​trade and transport any social insurance contributions at the workplace. In other areas, were employed to social security at the work of 30 people. Social insurance contributions at residence, there were a total of 468 in the manufacturing sector, there were five establishments in the construction operation. In addition, in 1999, there were 138 farms with an agricultural area of 2286 hectares, of which 2043 acres of arable land and 242 acres of meadowland.


The municipal area are still two breweries that Will brewery in Schederndorf and Huebner Brewery in Steinfeld. Until 1985 there was also the Schrenker brewery in Stadelhofen.

Volunteer fire

There is a volunteer fire department Eichenhüll / Wotzendorf, Hohenhäusling, Roßdorf on the mountain, Schederndorf, Steinfeld, Stadelhofen and Wölkendorf / Pfaff village.


There is a nursery with 50 places and a primary school with four teachers and 86 students (as of 1999).


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Hans Albrecht (1923-2006), politician ( FDP), member of parliament in Baden -Württemberg Landtag, Vice President, Honorary Citizen of Wiernsheim



Industrial center


Schederndorf center