Stadion am Brentanobad

The stadium at Brentanobad is a football stadium in Frankfurt am Main. It is located in Roedelheimer parkway in Roedelheim near the eponymous Brentanobad. Newly built, it was in 1992.

The stadium is used by the SG Rot - Weiss Frankfurt and the first FFC Frankfurt as a home ground. Has a capacity of 5500 seats, of which 1100 covered grandstand seating.

The attendance record of 20,000 visitors Stadium was erected on May 9, 1948 for the old stadium. In the new stadium, the record is at a Bundesliga game at 5200 spectators. 13 November 2011 did so many viewers to see the Bundesliga match between 1 FFC Frankfurt and 1 FFC Turbine Potsdam. The UEFA Cup semi-final on 29 March 2008 was also attended by 5200 spectators.

The stadium covers not only surrounded by a running track turf also a hard court and a synthetic pitch. These two pitches are equipped with floodlights.