Stadthalle (Klagenfurt)

EC KAC (since 1959 )

EC KAC (since 2007)

The Eissportzentrum Klagenfurt includes the Stadthalle Klagenfurt and the Sepp - puschnig Hall. There are two ice rinks in Klagenfurt, Austria, located at the northern end of the Klagenfurt exhibition and together carry the number 6.

The halls are mainly availed in winter as a play and training venues of the EC KAC, its youth teams and various unterklassiger teams - but also curling and figure skating are next operated. Furthermore, the hall is open at certain times for public skating.

Stadthalle Klagenfurt

The Stadthalle Klagenfurt is the home of EC KAC. It has a capacity of 5,088 spectators and was rebuilt several times in its fifty years -long existence. Among others, a VIP club has been established over time and enlarged several times. In the summer of 2007 also saw a video cube is installed.

In the free time hockey hall of the fair also serves as an exhibition and meeting space. For this reason, the grandstands are located in the basement regularly dismantled in the summer, so as to increase the available surface area.

Among the fans of the EC KAC, the hall is perceived ambiguous. On the one hand it is seen as part of the club, as the team has won the majority of their 30 league titles there, on the other hand, the lack of visibility is often criticized by viewers. The supporting structure of the hall consists of frames whose supports are, however, set very closely, so that the entire ice surface can no longer be seen by the more rearward seats on the long sides. In addition, despite frequent rebuilds parts of the infrastructure no longer correspond to the latest state of the art.

Sepp puschnig Hall

In 1997, Sepp - puschnig Hall was opened with a capacity of about 500 viewers right next to the city hall. It serves the KAC and its youth teams as a training venue. About a café, the timeout, and the working spaces of Eismeisters the two halls are connected.

Organized tournaments

Klagenfurt has already been the venue of international ice hockey tournaments:

  • B World Cup 1982 and 1992 (together with Villach)
  • Qualifying tournament for the World Cup Hockey A- 1998 and 1999
  • Each second qualifying round for the 2002 Winter Olympics and the 2006 Winter Olympics
  • U20 Junior B World Cup 1980 and 1986