Staff (military)

A staff department ( in the Bundeswehr and Swiss Army also guide base area or FGG ) is a functional unit in rods of various armed forces and the emergency services ( civil protection ), which is headed by an officer or staff officer and from the battalion level up the commander or commanding general at the guide is to the side.

Furthermore, there are also staff departments in the fire service and the police.

Staff departments are organizationally to the bar line organization in the upper level.

  • 4.1 Governance basic areas in the army of the Wehrmacht

Military use

General ( Federal Republic of Germany )

Staff departments were to 2012, the top elements of the guide rods in the Federal Ministry of Defence. The military staff division corresponded to the civil subdivision. It was generally headed by a Brigadier General / Rear Admiral / General physician / doctor Admiral. Exception was the staff in the Division III Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, it was headed by a Major General / Rear Admiral. Staff departments under the Ministry (ie, in the armed forces ) do not exist, even if the departments are colloquially often referred to in rods of the armed forces so.

The head of a comparable line items in a military staff are usually with a letter and a numeral [A 1]. The number is derived from the Department of tasks.

In rods of military organizations to Regiments-/Geschwaderebene of the Army, Air Force and Navy is the "S " in the designation for functional areas (not necessarily a staff officer ) will be conducted by an officer.

From the level of brigade level and above the army refers to the departments in bars as a general staff departments ("G", for example, G 2, G 3 and G 4 ), since these organizations are scheduled guided by a general ( regardless of whether the military was promoted to General guide already ).

In the Air Force, the departments are referred to in alignment with the usual in NATO terms with A 1, A 2, A 3, etc., where the " A" for "Air Staff" is. Analog is now used in the Navy and the letter " M " instead of " A" [A 2] (" Maritime Staff" instead of " Admiralty Staff" or " admiralty ").

In the army there has also been called " J" for joint departments [A 3] in rods of associations that operate in part of joint forces.



Staff departments (English: divisions ) in associations and major formations of the Bundeswehr are responsible for the subject area processing, and support and advise the commander or commanding general. Staff departments which are run by a staff officer, are called instead of " S" with "G" ( or "A" in the Air Force ). In integrated uses of the departments with "J" are called for joint.

  • G / S 1 - Inner leadership, human resources, information work, youth work / recruitment, staff compensation - even multiple official federal Office of Personnel Management of the Bundeswehr
  • G / S 2 - Evaluation of the enemy situation, intelligence and reconnaissance, targeting, military security and defense (see in the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corps ), Geo - information
  • G / S 3 - planning, issuing of orders and management of ongoing operations ( there are no General or staff departments of the guide base regions 5, 7 or 9 present these tasks are performed here )
  • G / S 4 - logistical support, logistics
  • G / S 5 - Civil-military cooperation; ( in territorial command authorities constantly available, otherwise only in use or defense case )
  • G / S 6 - Management support, telecommunications, data processing, IT security, support staff
  • G / S 7 - Training and exercise before and during operations
  • G / S 8 - Economic affairs, planning and management of budgetary resources (typically not set up as General or staff department, led by the Defence Administration ) troops administration official TVB
  • LSO - Chief Medical Officer: responsible / advice in all matters of official business medical service

Additional rod cells / departments (from command authority Brigade upwards):

  • LdI - Head of information activities and media consultant
  • MilRecht / LEGAD - Legal Advisor - Legal Adviser
  • Politics / Polad - Political Advisor - Policy Advisor
  • BLOC - briefing and liaison officers cell, including preparation and implementation of shift briefings as well as the Office of the liaison officers to neighboring large organizations
  • War Diary leader KTB
  • JAFSAC - Combat Support Cell ( artillery, engineers ), with enlightening education artillery (UAV / drone ) and Fernspäher / LRRC, FLO / ALO - air controller - air liaison officer
  • MilHist - unless assigned FGG2

On integrated NATO level other terms are used analogously to the U.S. armed forces and there are further divisions:

  • J -5 Plans - Planning, scheduling options and guidelines
  • J-6 C4CS - Command, Control, Communication, Consultation and computer system (equivalent: G / S 6)
  • J-7 - Principle, practice and training ( operational plans and interoperability)
  • J -8 - Finance - resources and assessment
  • J -9 - CIMIC / CIMIC ( Civil Military Cooperation ) (corresponding to S5)
  • J -Med - Department MilMed ( cf. Chief Medical Officer )

The staff departments are each divided into departments ( branches ). The guide base region 2 is for example divided into the following areas:

  • Location processing (current)
  • Military Intelligence ( MilNW ) ( recce ) - partly in connection with targeting / combat deep combat ( targeting)
  • EloKaRecce
  • MilGeo
  • Military security ( MilSec and Counter Intelligence)

See for structuring operating rods up there Forces Operations Command and General Staff.

Guide base areas Switzerland

The Army staff in Switzerland is divided into eight management principles territories ( FGG ):

  • FGG 1 Personnel of the Force
  • FGG 2 messages
  • FGG 3/5 / 9 Operations
  • FGG 4 Logistics
  • FGG 6 Command Support
  • FGG 7 Training

Use in the fire service and civil protection

This division of functions is not only used in the military field. Comparable is the division of functions in the use of lines of the German or Austrian fire brigades.

The staff classification, according to which the fire department ( FwDV 100) and civil protection ( KatSDV 100 ) depend in large scale operations, leaning heavily on the military structure of the rod. In Bavaria, this support groups with the individual tasks of leadership support can be entrusted.

The rod comes in classification especially in Austria KHD inserts are used. So each KHD - readiness has its own alarm plan, on which the individual S- items are already occupying in " peacetime ".

  • S1 - Personnel
  • S2 - location guide
  • S3 - use
  • S4 - supply
  • S5 - Public Relations
  • S6 - Information / Communication (ICT )
  • S7 - Support

Guide rods, police bars, bars with the police

Larger organizations or departments / units of the German police have a guide rod or rod which is attached to the respective police leaders to guide support. These rods are under possibly her own staff Board, Head of Corporate Office or similar.

Below this bar line, these rods are divided into task- specialized organizational units, mostly in headquarters or matters.

These organizational units a separate line ( rod or kind field line ) with its own staff, which policy decisions vorbeitet for each parent police leaders in each particular spheres, these advises in advance and significantly participates in accordance with the fundamental decisions in the implementation, by formulating the decisions by adoption or available legally known makes and subsequently controls their compliance or demands ( within the meaning of controlling). These decisions must always apply to the entire downstream region of the federation or of the larger police force and advance but therefore require special care, responsibility also has a special expertise in the bar or subject areas or particularly in their lines.

During the day the bar business or property sector managers make important decisions for the downstream area cases due to their special expertise and the resulting and delegated decision-making powers in principle even to relieve the Police Chief ( Auftragstaktik ).

Within the overall organization - for example, in a state police - acting The staff and property by senior management and cross - coordinate their activities, thus form on locally -founded expertise and get overviews of the respective " feasible " - which in turn means an important basis for consultation of the Police Chief.

In staff and / or police matters articulated rods are found for example in the councils, provincial police offices, state offices of criminal investigation and the police departments of the local police.

Leaders and the heads of Headquarters or subject areas in police rods have offices ( ranks ) of the higher police prison service (eg PR, POR, KR, KOR, PD, KD) or management Service ( eg ROR) or peak positions ( ranks) of the high-end law enforcement service (eg EPHK, EKHK ) or Management service ( eg OAR ) holds. Typical responsibilities of key staff or specialist areas include

- Use matters

- Information and Communications

- Police Specific learning media, e-learning

- Weapons being

- Car beings

- Personnel matters

- Education and training matters

- Organizational tasks

- Doctors being

- Psychological services

- Health

Each police specific and always acting in each case for the entire downstream.


Guide base areas in the army of the Wehrmacht

In the army of the Wehrmacht, the staff divisions were designated with a combination of a Roman numeral and a lowercase letter. The staff of an infantry division was accordingly organized, for example, as follows:

  • Ia First General Staff Officer ( Leadership and Training ) de facto chief of staff, there was no chief of staff in the division level.
  • Ib Quartermaster (logistics, wounded and supply services)
  • Ic Third General Staff Officer ( enemy situation and defense ) as well as communications.
  • IIa personnel management - first aide (responsible for the officers )
  • IIb personnel management - 2 aide (responsible for the NCOs and men )
  • III court martial / registrar
  • IVb doctors / medical service
  • IVc veterinary
  • IVd Division pastor