Stams is an Austrian municipality in the district of Imst ( district court Silz ) in Tyrol with 1347 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013).


Stams is located in the Upper Inn Valley between Imst and Telfs, approximately 36 km west of Innsbruck. The village lies at the foot of Pirchkogels.

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1063 first documentary mention as a tribe.

1273 founded the Tyrolean Count Meinhard II, the Cistercian Abbey of Stams. This Stams became the spiritual center of the region.



The council consists of 13 members of Stams. Last council election was on 10 March 2010. Chairman Franz Gallop of the mayor list Team Franz Gallop. In the municipal elections won with a voter turnout of 81 % following parties Mandates: Mayor List - Team Franz Gallop 52.56 % of the votes cast list for Stams - Hermann Schweigl 22.47 %, 17.12% and Common Stamser list Bäuerliche list Stams 7, 85%. (For more details see text box ). The established political parties and lists do not play a role here.

Chairman: Franz Gallop ( mayor, mayor List - Team Franz Gallop )


Stams is a Roman Catholic parish. Parish patron is St. John the Baptist, the pastor of Stams called P. Michael O. Cist Falkner. The parish church of St. John the Baptist goes on a construction of wood, was already standing by around 700 AD here, and a stone church from the 8th century. Only after the founding of the congregation, the present parish church was built.

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Stams is also known for the Skigymnasiums and Skihandelsschule with alpine and Nordic orientation. Well-known ski jumper as Karl Schnabl, Armin Kogler and almost all currently successful Austrian "Eagle" got their training here.

Stams houses in the ten different types of schools with the associated boarding around 1,500 learners and students, which in place compared to only 1,300 inhabitants.

Importance as a school center, the municipality has by now:

  • College of Education Edith Stein
  • Study Center of the Diocese of Innsbruck
  • School Meinhardinum
  • Skigymnasium and Skihandelsschule with alpine and Nordic orientation ( Brunnentalschanze )
  • Institute for Social

And furthermore:

  • Elementary school
  • Secondary school
  • Business school
  • Another school
  • Montessori School
  • Music School Middle Upper Inn Valley - Expositur Stams



Over the course of the Arlberg railway Stams is connected with the Linen S1 and S2 and regional express trains between Innsbruck and Landeck- Zams to public transport.

Culture and sights

  • Stams: Cistercian monastery founded in 1273 Collegiate Church: 1284 consecrated, originally a Romanesque basilica, 1729-1733 remodeled in the style of the High Baroque, elaborate stucco, early Baroque high altar in the form of a tree of life with 84 sculptures, 1610
  • Bernhardi Hall: 1720 rebuilt


  • Kaisheim in Bavaria, Germany, since 1978


Sons and daughters

  • Kluibenschedl Alois (1772-1864), also Kluibenschädl or Kleubenschedl, Tyrolean freedom fighter
  • Josemaria Köll (1928-2008), abbot of the Abbey of Stams
  • Lois Weinberger ( born 1947 ), Painter, Documenta participant


  • Josemaria Köll (1928-2008), abbot of the Abbey of Stams