Standardization Agreement

STANAG is the abbreviation for Standardization Agreement, a standardization Convention of NATO States Parties concerning the application of standardized procedures or similar equipment.

The Stanag guidelines issued by the NATO Standardization Agency (NSA).


A STANAG is that its ratifying NATO members note the objective of introducing and procurement of certain equipment, material, or even with the introduction of certain practices jointly adopted the standard. This is intended as uniform as possible equipment of all NATO troops be achieved in various fields.


The standardization should be brought in clearly demarcated areas for example to:

  • The communication between the partners to facilitate.
  • To procure certain equipment together or to exchange with each other.

There Stanag guidelines in various fields:

Uniform ammunition

The caliber

  • 9 × 19 mm NATO
  • 5.56 × 45 mm ( STANAG 4172 )
  • 7.62 × 51 mm ( STANAG 2310 )
  • 12.7 × 99 mm

Are typical Stanag caliber, which are used by all NATO partners and are therefore produced in such large numbers that they are to be procured very cheap.

Only new NATO countries such as Poland and Lithuania, which were formerly part of the Warsaw Pact, to use the old Soviet calibers such as 7.62 × 5.45 × 39 mm and 39 mm.

Other examples

  • Transmission methods for radio equipment so that troops of different nations can easily communicate with each other;
  • Data format of transmitted messages ( ADatP -3);
  • Creation of forms or charts;
  • Construction of military material from the standpoint of hardening against NBC weapons;
  • 40 mm threaded for filters for NBC protective masks
  • Definition of climate zones;
  • The uniform behavior of units and unit leaders for certain events or operations;
  • A unified NATO alphabet for use in radio communications;
  • Military uniform load classes


A STANAG is binding only on those States that have ratified this; for others it is just a sensible recommendation dar. In both cases, however, are often disregarded in favor STANAGS national political interests. To remedy this situation by creating formal legal clarity, the instrument of Standardization Recommendation ( STANREC ) was created. A STANREC represents only a recommendation, to which the signatory need not hold. It is planned to transfer STANAGs low acceptance in STANRECs.