Star Citizen

Star Citizen (English loosely translates to "star citizens " ) is a planned for early 2015 space flight simulator with combat and trading elements for Windows. Main designer and creator of the Star - Citizen universe is Chris Roberts, who in April 2012, the company founded Cloud Empire Games for it.

History of development

Chris Roberts, the developer of the Wing Commander universe and other space -based computer games, launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new space - flight simulation with combat and commercial elements in the tradition of Elite, Privateer, Freelancer and X. For in October 2012 overall financing of the developing world to space game aimed Roberts a mix of investor funds, equity and Fanfinanzierung, the latter organized in parallel on both the project site and the crowdfunding platform to.

In the period between October 2012 and November 19, 2012, the end of the official crowdfunding campaign 10, Roberts collected over 6 million U.S. dollars of 89 668 supporters. In total he scored, more than three times the targeted two million U.S. dollars. Star Citizen in order to set the record for the highest -funded game projects and missed the record for most supporters only just. The Crowdfunding was continued after the campaign end in order to expand and improve the game according to the incoming until the release additional funds can. Beginning in February 2014 reached the project already over 380,000 supporters with more than $ 38 million investment performance. Most supporters (English " backer " or " pledger " ) come from the United States and Germany.

In the course of development, the company wants Cloud Empire Games release individual modules of the game for testing. It began on 29 August 2013, the hangar module, where the supporters can view their own spaceship. In December 2013, the Dogfight module should follow, where the supporters can compete with their spaceships in different game modes against each other. This goal had to be postponed due to outstanding problems.

"I would also like to thank each and every one for your support in my decision to delay the Dogfighting modules. I know it was disappointing for many people, and it was not a decision I took lightly but did after much deliberation I Decided it what best for the long term health of the project. " The release of the Dog - Fight- module has been postponed to after Pax East, which will take place from 11th to 13th of April. At Pax East also the Dog Fight module is for the first time presented to the public before returning to live for all players.

In the second quarter, the ship- boarding module for the supporters to be published, in which players on spaceships battle each other. For the third quarter, the single player Alpha is planned. For the third quarter of 2014, the Planetside module is planned that the supporters of the option is offered on the site of a planet move to interact socially with other players there and be able to buy the game objects in virtual stores.

Towards the end of 2014, the beta of the game is to appear, which links all modules and is designed to provide the full functionality of the final game. As of early 2015, the game will be released with the first episode of the single-player mode. More episodes will follow in the future and the game will be in the future yet supported and further developed.


The main game offers a free -roaming, persistent MMO world in which the player to complete trade, exploration and combat missions. With the so- earned money can be, for example, improvements to the own ship buy such as new propulsion or weapons systems. The player's actions affect the reputation with the various factions in the world of Star Citizen. The approximately 100 solar systems in the Milky Way should be developed further after publication. The game features a simulated economic system to which players can contribute. Thus, the economy is not easy to go out of balance, also carry NPCs helping to maintain a certain balance. The NPCs are, for example, accept and carry out, which have been a long time not performed by players contracts. So they transport, for example, raw materials to factories or build it yourself from raw materials. The economic system is very dynamic and so, for example, with frequent attacks on transport ships a factory whose products rise in price.

The Squadron 42 said single player part of the game, the player experiences a story campaign in the style of Wing Commander series. The missions should be able to be played in co-op.