Star Tribune

The Star Tribune (also called Star trib or Strib ) is a national daily newspaper based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the highest circulated daily newspaper in the U.S. state of Minnesota and is published seven days a week.

In addition to an output for the metropolitan Minneapolis -St. Paul is also an issue for the state, which in parts of Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota is also available across the border. The main competitor is the local St. Paul Pioneer Press.


The Star Tribune was founded in 1982 by the merger of the evening newspaper Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Minneapolis, a daily newspaper of the same company.

The origins of the newspaper goes back to the foundations of three daily newspapers in the 19th and early 20th century. The Minneapolis Tribune was founded in 1867. The Minneapolis Journal was first published in 1878 as an evening newspaper. With the Minneapolis Times In 1899, another newspaper that was bought in 1905 by the Minneapolis Tribune. In 1920, first published the evening paper Minnesota Daily Star, which was later renamed the Minneapolis Star.

1935 bought the Cowles family's Minnesota Star, four years later, the Minneapolis Journal. Both newspapers were merged and published from now on as Star -Journal before the sheet was renamed in Minneapolis Star. 1941 bought the Cowles family also and the Minneapolis Tribune. In 1982, both newspapers were merged and continued as the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Star Tribune and renamed in 1987. In 1998, for about 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, The McClatchy Company, the Cowles Media Company and became the owner of the newspaper. The end of 2006 bought the holding company Avista Capital Partners for 530 million U.S. dollars, the shares in the newspaper. Due to a high level of debt, the newspaper company bankruptcy under Chapter 2009, claimed on 15 January 11