Starfarers of Catan

The star rider of Catan is a book published in Kosmos board game by Klaus Teuber. It is an independently playable modification of the well-known predecessor, The Settlers of Catan. Players assume the role of star drivers of the 3rd millennium, exploring in the name of humanity to space, and thereby take on foreign peoples.

During the game you travel with his ships through space and tries to develop as quickly as possible. They founded colonies on other planets, building trade relations with alien races on. The player who manages to collect the first fifteen victory points wins the game.

The allure of the game is that one has through the complex structure of many tactical possibilities to intervene in the game. You can respond to the actions of the other players and developed plans on how to get the fastest points. However, it also appear random events (eg, space jump) that shake up the game and always create new situations.

  • 2.1 Start -up 2.1.1 The simple grid
  • 2.1.2 Line-up Advanced
  • 3.1 1 Roll for commodity income
  • 3.2 2 Pull replenishment batch
  • 3.3 3 trade - & construction
  • 3.4 4 dice with the mother ship

Game material

Included in the game are:

  • 36 colonies
  • 28 trading stations
  • 12 spaceport rings
  • 12 Transportation
  • 4 Victory Point markers

The Schedules

The Schedule is 84 x 56 cm tall and shows the space. It is made of honeycombed hexagons on which move the spaceships. There are eleven planetary systems. Four of these hot Catan colonies of them is launched. At the edges of the four home bases of foreign nations are represented. In addition, there is a printed Scoreboard to track the points stand.

The mother ships

The mother ships are about 20 cm high plastic figures, in which there are four colored balls. With them the speed and combat power is diced. On the upper part of the mother ship are brackets for various mounting and the glory rings.

The resource cards

The resource cards are the currency of the Galactic Bank. There are five different resources:

  • Fuel
  • Ore
  • Merchandise
  • Carbon
  • Food

With the commodity cards the players can buy ships and extensions.

The extensions

The extensions are small plastic parts that can be acquired during the game. They increase certain abilities of the player. There are:

  • Freight Rings - allow trade with foreign nations
  • Drives - Increase the speed of spaceships
  • Cannons - increase the combat power

Fame rings

Fame rings are no extensions in the proper sense. They can be purchased in the course of the game and lost again. Two of them are each worth one victory point.

The yield platelet

Just as with The Settlers of Catan, there are income platelets, which decide on the receipt of raw materials. They are small and round, and show a number between 2 and 12 ( with the exception of 7). On each planet is a tile. If the number is rolled, which can be seen on the slide, the Planet produces raw materials. Any player who has a colony on a planet that receives a resource. Which one is that, decides the color of the planet.

The pieces

Colony ships

They fly to another planet to settle there as a colony. They consist of a colony and a van.


They are branches of the planetary systems and bring a raw materials. Colonies can be established on the colony points of planetary systems. Once a colony is on a planet, the yield platelets are disclosed.

Merchant ships

They fly to the bases of foreign nations to build trading posts there. They consist of a trading post and a van.

Trading stations

You are branches to the home bases of the foreign nations. There are five fields at each base for commercial stations. To build a station there, the player must accordingly have many cargo rings at least the number. Once you set up a trading post, one must take a friendship card of the respective people. This allows special moves or improves the extensions of the mother ship. In addition, the player with the most commercial stations on the planet of a people, the disc of friendship, which counts two victory points. If several players have the same number of trading stations, so the player receives the disc, which occupies the lowest position.


You are colonies from which the ships begin their flight. A spaceport is composed of a colony and a spaceport ring. A spaceport must also be purchased through commodities.

Setting Up

Before the game, the game plan is laid out first. Then the yield platelets are distributed to the appropriate planet. The discs of friendship and the friendship cards are placed on the game board. The stack with the Encounter cards is shuffled and from the part of the resource cards is a supply stack formed. Each player takes the characters and the mother ship of its color, an overview map and a glory ring.


With the grid is determined, start from what planet colonies of Catan players from. In game tutorial there are two different starting lineups:

The simple grid

In this grid, the two colonies, the spaceport and the spaceship that has each player from the beginning, constructed according to a predetermined method illustrated in the rules. The position of the return plate is given. This list is eligible for " inexperienced star driver ".

Line-up for advanced

In this grid, the two colonies and the spaceport will be distributed in turn by the players on the planetary systems. One can choose the position of each job, what tactical considerations permit. In particular, the number of platelet yield is significant. When setting the spaceport, the player gets his first ship.

Finally, each player receives three raw materials from the supply stack and the real game can begin.

Parts of the Turn

Roll for first commodity income

If a player 's turn, he rolls first with the two dice. The eyes are added and the planets on which there is a corresponding yield platelet count, each produces a raw material for the players that hold adjacent colonies. If the result is a 7, then all players who have more than 7 resource cards in hand, half of them - rounded - exits.

2 Pull replenishment batch

In his train each may draw a card stack of supplies, as long as he has less than 9 points.

3 Commercial - & construction

Now you can buy ships and extensions and share with the other players raw materials. In addition, you have the opportunity to exchange with the Galactic Bank in the ratio 3 resources of the same against a (3:1). When raw material " merchandise " is considered the ratio 2:1. These exchange ratios can be improved by friendship cards the dealer.

4 dice with the mother ship

Now it shakes, if you have a ship on the plan, so that two of the four balls fall into the window with his mother ship. The balls have different values ​​:

  • Black: 0
  • Blue: 1
  • Yellow: 2
  • Red: 3

It adds the two numbers and must move far to that number plus the number of drives his ships. However, if Black thrown, the player hits an intergalactic special and gets a encounter card read. These describe events in which the player must decide how he acts. Its decisions can have positive and negative consequences. The player may move three fields plus the number of drives, with all its ships now, unless his ship was damaged during the encounter.

If the player has all his ships drawn, the next turn.


The development of a player is assessed with the following points:


There exists an extension to play " The Star driver of Catan", which allows the game with up to six players. In addition, three new planetary systems, and the home base of the wandering people are attached. The princes of the peoples were also available as modeled pawns.