Start page

The term Home (English homepage ) means the website that loads the web browser on his startup, and from which the user starts his visit to the World Wide Web.

The concept pair start and home

, Home ' is the translation of Engl. homepage, literally, home - page ', and was originally the page that is part of a URL, as opposed to domain. The two terms have different meanings but developed in German: sub homepage is today understood the home page ( FrontPage ), colloquially also a website ( website ) as a whole. Home is used for the default address to which a Webaufruf is conducted, and for the internal settings of a web browser.

Setting the Home

The home page is the default for the first installation of a web browser. After connecting to the Internet, they often show on a web portal. The home page is choosen freely in all major browsers and can also be a local HTML page. A local page can be called even if the Internet connection is not yet established.

The home page is jumped with the JavaScript method home (), this command also runs the home pages keypad ( home button ) of the browser.

Modern Web services offer personalized start pages that combine multiple functions of one's computer and offers from the net.

Amended Home as Exploit: Home Page Hijacking

Malware can cause the browser home page changes again to a non- self-selected web page. This exploit, which aims mostly to advertising sites, often extremely questionable content was widespread in the 2000s and frequent function of adware or spyware, after the English hijacking, capers, violent takeover ' called this variety malware browser hijackers. Today it has become rare because modern web browser their home ( or the sections of the configuration file or the Windows registry ( Registry ), in which the address is entered ), protect against unauthorized modification.