Starting Over (1979 film)

In a new an American comedy film from the year 1979 after a novel by Dan Wakefield.


Phil Potter separates from his wife Jessica, who seeks a singing career and also having an affair. Phil moved from New York to Boston, where his brother Mickey lives with his wife Marva. They make Phil acquainted with the teacher Marilyn Holmberg.

Phil begins a new life. He works part-time as a teacher and attended a meeting for divorced men. He met Paul and Larry know who are in similar situations. For Phil it is too early to take a solid relationship with Marilyn. He begins to hit, with the single mother Marie, Marilyn's friend. He wants to be with her But the longer he stays away from Marilyn, the more. Phil and Marilyn fall in love. Despite his fears Phil is ready to move in with Marilyn.

Jessica on dips. She looks fabulous and has success as a songwriter. At a dinner for Thanksgiving Phil gets a call from Jessica. Marilyn, how he speaks of it as " a friend". Marilyn is hurt and know that their relationship is now over. Phil moves back to New York. The more time he spends with Jessica, the more he misses Marilyn. When he is back in Boston, he learns that Marilyn meets with a basketball player. To regain it, which he creates ultimately, he does everything. He even has a basketball training for the Boston Celtics.


The lexicon of the International film saw the film as a " light touch staged entertainment that makes fun of the emancipation experiments shown in movies of the 70s. Well played, without any particular depth. "

Janet Maslin wrote in the New York Times, the film constitutes a just abandoned man in all his misery before, but it creates, while its fast and fun.

The Variety was the issue would be dealt with by the comedic side of the film can do it in admiration significant way.

Channel 4, however, complained that, even if the actors are good, director Pakula was unsuitable for the comedy specialist.


Jill Clayburghs work was recognized with multiple nominations. So it was in 1980 nominated for the Oscar, Golden Globe and the American Movie Award. Candice Bergen was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress Oscar and Golden Globe.

Other nominations for the Golden Globe for best actor Burt Reynolds received and Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager for the best film song with the song Better Than Ever. James L. Brooks was nominated for the WGA Award from the Writers Guild of America.


The premiere of the film had on October 5, 1979. In Germany, he first appeared on 25 April 1980 in the cinemas.

In smaller supporting roles (the second film role as well) can be seen, inter alia, Daniel Stern as a student (in his second film role ) and Kevin Bacon as a young husband.

In addition to the nominees for the Golden Globe song Better Than Ever two more songs were composed for the film: Easy For You and the title song Starting Over. The two songs were composed by Hamlisch and Bayer Sager. All three songs were sung by Candice Bergen.