Star Zach is a municipality in the district of Tübingen in Baden- Württemberg ( Germany ). It is located about 20 km southwest of Tubingen.

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Geographical location

Vilage of Star Zach ( Börstingen and Sulzau ) lie in the Neckar valley, others ( Felldorf, Bierlingen and watch village ) south above it. Between Rottenburg am Neckar and Horb am Neckar The two river Starzel and Eyach limit the municipality. Due to its scenic location Star Zach is also known as the Tuscany of the Tübingen.

Community structure

The municipality Star Zach consists of the previously independent municipalities Bierlingen, Börstingen, Felldorf, Sulzau and guard the village. For the former municipality Bierlingen include the village Bierlingen and the homestead Neuhaus. For the former municipality Börstingen the village Börstingen belong with the rest of the castle and the houses Siegburg Bahnhof Eyach, carbonic work Lohmühle (today, according to city sign Eyach ) and Wilhemshöhe. In the territory of the former municipality of Fell village are the village Felldorf and the broken in the 1990s Honor mill, which was rebuilt in 1810 and is named after its builder. In the territory of the former municipality Sulzau are the village and castle Sulzau and homestead Wide castle. In the territory of the former municipality Guard village are the village guard the village and the house Burgmühle.

In the municipality there are some Outbound, no longer existing towns. Probably in the 14th century was the village of Hausen twitching in the former municipality Börstingen as well as in the territory of the former municipality Sulzau. In the southwest of the former municipality of Fell village was mentioned in 1747 as carts Hausen village Kaltenhausen. Above the village Sulzau, located on the Neckar River, lies the village of Outbound Neumühlestrasse. In the south of the former municipality Guard village is the village Outbound Bechhausen to which suggesting a field name.


The municipality Star Zach was formed on 1 January 1972 from the three communities Bierlingen, Felldorf and guard the village. The name Star Zach was derived from the two river Starzel and Eyach. On 1 June 1973, the smallest Teilort Sulzau came to Star Zach and on February 1, 1974 Börstingen made ​​by referendum the new church completely.

The seat of the municipality is located in the district Bierlingen.



The mayor is elected for a term of eight years. The current mayor Noè was re-elected on 29 January 2012.

Community partnerships

Since July 1992 Star Zach is on friendly terms with bocage Gatinais near Paris, France.


Next stop is the traffic Eyach station on the railway line Tubingen Horb.

Culture and sights


  • Schlosswache village
  • Castle Weitenburg

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Hans von Ow (1843-1921), born in the village guard, Reichstag and Landtag
  • Ulrich Noll (1946-2011), born in Börstingen, dentist and politician ( FDP), Member of Parliament, former chairman of the FDP / DVP- faction in the parliament of Baden- Württemberg.

Star Zach hard

Every two years there is the Star Zach party in exchange of the five villages.

Star Zach run

Annually in the 11.2 km long Star Zach running in Star Zach Guard village. In 2011, Judith Wagner won the women's race.