Steamboat Bill, jr.

  • Buster Keaton: William Canfield Jr.
  • Ernest Torrence: William Canfield sen, called Steamboat Bill.
  • Marion Byron: Mary "Kitty" King
  • Tom Lewis: Tom Carter
  • Tom McGuire: John James King
  • Joe Keaton: Hairdresser

Steamboat Bill, Jr. ( alternative title: Water has no bars, water hath planks, Stormy Weather, Steamer Willis son ) is a silent comedy with Buster Keaton 1928 The Alternative title "Water has no bars " is also used for Buster. Keaton film " The Boat " used.


Steamboat Bill, a gruff captain and owner of an old steam ship supplies located on the banks of the Mississippi with a newly rich banker a fierce competition. His son William, who grew up in Boston and has never seen his father comes to visit. The father is little built over his son and especially about its appearance. He had his son presented as a tall, strong young man, instead of being a skinny guy with a narrow mustache, Basque beret and fashionable dresses. He also has a ukulele here. The old captain leaves his son to shave off his beard and buys him new clothes. At the hairdressers met William Jr. Kitty, a girl he knows from Boston. He falls in love with Kitty, but it turns out that this is the daughter of his father's rival. He gets so in a loyalty conflict with his father.

He tried again and again to meet with Kitty, but the two fathers trying to connect with all means to prevent. There will be a number of complications and disputes. Finally, Steamboat Bill is thrown into prison. When a hurricane hits town lays in ruins, William Jr. rescues in a truly stormy finale Kitty from the floods, freed his father from prison, also rescues the banker and married his daughter.


The Filmwarchitekt was Fred Gabourie.


Encyclopedia of the International film: Keaton's last independently produced masterpiece impresses with its brilliant ideas and its solid drama.

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The film contains the famous scene in which during the hurricane, the facade of a house on William Jr. falls - but just with a window opening so that nothing happens to him. Keaton led this stunt - as was customary - even by. If you look closely, you can see behind the facade of the shadow of the helper holding the wall or drops.