Steamroller (microarchitecture)

Steamroller is a technology developed by AMD microarchitecture for x86 processors with 64- bit extension and is the successor to and progression of AMD Bulldozer. The market launch is planned for early 2014 under the code name in the Kaveri APUs. Kaveri will replace the Piledriver based APUs Richland. For the year 2014, the Kaveri design is introduced under the name Berlin are also in the server area. With the update of the architecture and the move towards is performed for 28nm production. A successor for the Piledriver modules in the current FX execution, it is not expected to give over previous plans before 2015, since the identical Opteron server CPUs in 2014 continue to be based on fabricated in 32- nm technology Piledriver cores. AMD optimized at Steamroller mainly the front end, which should have a much higher throughput, as well as the FPU. This is achieved with one command decoder per integer core, so that it no longer is there to create a bottleneck.

Other new features:

  • Magnified "L1 instruction cache".
  • Stronger "instruction prefetching " ( Preloading of CPU instructions )