Steckerlfisch ( Steckerl, bavarian for "little stick, rod " ) is at a bar grilled fish, a specialty from the Alpine foothills of Bavaria and Upper Austria, which is served mainly in beer gardens and at folk festivals. It has nothing to do with the dried stockfish.

Traditionally, from caught in local lakes and rivers, whitefish, white fish or bream prepared today from farmed fish such as trout and char and mackerel and other sea fishing mackerel.

To prepare the whole recessed fish are coated with a heavy marinade of oil, spices and garlic, skewered lengthwise long from snout ago to about 60 cm barked willow branches or rinsed wooden sticks. To grill the sticks are often so tightly made ​​that the fish upside down are diagonally above or beside the charcoal embers. During the cooking time, the fish should be occasionally brushed with the marinade or butter so that their skin is crispy.

Steckerlfisch is eaten on the paper, in which he was wrapped after grilling, or served on a plate. As a side dish you eat, for example, pretzels or cakes.